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Epoxy flooring Contractor. As consumer needs have changed and new products have become available, Floor Emporium has managed to meet new demands in the flooring solutions industry. We are able to install laminate flooring (eg. laminated wooden flooring), lay decorative screeds and acid stain floors successfully. Floor Emporium has been part of the flooring solutions industry for the past 18 years. Natural stone and terracotta tile treatments put us on the map. We now have substantial experience in epoxy and urethane coatings for the industrial flooring market as well.
Flooring solutions and products used by us are of the highest standards and bought from reliable flooring manufacturers such as Stonecor, Elite Crete and Technical finishes. The design, colour and appearance of the required flooring is always taken into account. Products and design elements are versatile and wood and metal inlays are easily incorporated into designs and complete flooring solutions will result.
All work is supervised personally by the owner and every effort is taken to ensure that all flooring is laid within reasonable time frames, quality is assured with all our flooring solutions to achieve the desired results.
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