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We offer various concrete flooring solutions, various designs and patterns. Floor Emporium pride themselves in offering different suggestions of what type of concrete flooring styles and looks to go for. Making the right decisions on the right concrete flooring is important as it is kind of permanent.
Engraving allows endless opportunities for creativity. Company logos, borders and emblems can be engraved expertly into concrete flooring. The engraving is completed after a floor has been cast and before the final coats of sealer are applied. Engraving can be done on acid stained and concrete cast floors.
Stamped Overlay:

Thin, stamped overlays have become one of the most sought after applications in the commercial and residential building and reconstruction markets today. TEXTURE-PAVE is another one of our
concrete flooring solutions, it is a engineered polymer modified coating. It is stronger and more durable than conventional concrete and stamped concrete applications. This makes the product ideal as a surface for residential and commercial applications such as driveways, pool decks, patios, sidewalks, hotel lobbies, retail stores, shopping malls and more.
TEXTURE-PAVE is a versatile concrete flooring solution that can be coloured and textured in hundreds of combinations to match surrounding architecture and designs or to create a new theme.

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Acid Stained Floors ok
Acid staining creates a translucent, coloured effect on most old and new flooring and works great as a concrete flooring solution. Colour variation may differ from floor to floor due to the lime content in each floor. If a more consistent colour is required, a thin film coating and staining can be applied. Once a floor has been stained, a durable polyurethane sealer is applied. Stains are restricted to 6 basic colours.
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