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Top quality laminated wooden flooring is sourced according to customer needs and specifications, Floor Emporium makes sure that only the best suppliers of laminated wooden flooring are used when designing and preparing layouts for flooring ideas. We strive for customer satisfaction above everything else and know how to achieve this.

Laminated wooden flooring adds a unique style and convenience to any home and our prices are extremely competitive!

Wooden flooring back to life is one of our specialties. Only the highest quality equipment is used to sand the wooden floors. Our products allow for staining or natural sealing finishes. All products are SABS approved and are environmentally friendly. Wooden floor sanding and sealing is a great way of prolonging the life of your laminated wooden flooring, be it in an industrial or domestic environment.

This is a screed 3-5 mm deep which produces a steel smooth floated coloured concrete overlay. This gives a floor a mottled appearance. The floor can be mixed in numerous different colours according to the requirements of each client. A smooth, seamless finish is produced and there is no cracking on the surface. This material can be applied over new and existing concrete floors and tiles. Floors can be transformed in four to five days.
Hydro Stain can be applied to achieve a more solid colour or a variety of colours. Colours are more easily absorbed on smoother floors. Durable polyurethane sealers are applied to ensure that colours are durable and long lasting. Hydro staining allows for stunning designs on floors!
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CHEM-STONE Reactive Stain creates a mottled, uneven translucent colouration effect on cementitious surfaces such as concrete overlays and conventional concrete. The natural, aged-looking colouring process is so authentic that the look rivals that of weathered stone, slate and marble.

Colour is achieved when the combination of metallic salts and slightly acidic solution come in to contact with each other and a reaction with the minerals in the concrete occurs .A unique colour is achieved that cannot be produced easily enough through other colouration methods. CHEM-STONE is a resin. The colour created therefore becomes a permanent part of the floor surface and it will not chip, flake or peel. CHEM-STONE only wears when the floor wears.

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